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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Kingdom of Heaven, Where is it?

As it is written, the kingdom of heaven is within you, it is all about you and everywhere. Lift up a stone and you will find me, split a wood and I am there. So is the kingdom of heaven within the rock, in the tree, in the sun, in the water, in humans, in the mountain, in the child, in the bird, in the fish, in the air. Where is it?

By looking at what is being described as the kingdom of heaven being everywhere, by its nature the real question should not be where is it, but what is it that can be everywhere. Putting all these together we are being told that the kingdom of heaven is where you are. On earth, in the sun, on the planets, for heaven and hell is where you are. Let us look deep into the nature of what is being described here to determine if we can find this elusive kingdom of heaven.

A kingdom must have a king, and the king of the kingdom of heaven is God. In essence what is being said here is God is the kingdom of heaven. The correct phrase will then be; God is within you, God is everywhere, God is within the rock, within the tree, within the child, within the water, within the sun, within the moon, within the fire, within the air, God is within all that exist.
Lift up a stone and within the stone in your hand is the essence of God. Split a wood and within the wood is the essence of God. God then does not reside in a fixed place, for the kingdom of heaven which is God is everywhere. Drink a glass of water and you have taken in the essence of God.

God as spirit is Omnipresent, everywhere and the backbone of substance itself. The attributes of God however can be separated; just as the seven colors within white light can separated into: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each is unique and different from one another, but all fused together form white light. In the book of Genesis God describes his symbol as the rainbow, which is also mentioned in the book of Revelation.

In Genesis it is written that after the destruction of the earth by water, God promised Noah that no longer will he destroy the earth by water, for whenever he sees his sign the rainbow in the sky he will remember his agreement with mankind. In the book of Revelation it is mentioned that He who sat on the throne had a rainbow above his throne.

Every substance has mass, color, and mental energy which maintains the composition of the substance. The intelligence within the seed of the mango, causes the mango seed to become the mango tree. The intelligence within the seed of the rose, causes the rose to become the rose flower. The intelligence within the seed of human sperm causes the sperm to become a child.
These three aspects of mass, color and mind form the trinity of a substance. The triune nature of things fused together is like the atom which has the properties of proton, neutron, and electron. If we look at the atom as the basic building block of all matter, the atom will be equivalent to God. This is physical matter, but the essence of God is similar to the atom that permeate all things throughout the universe, combining in various ways to form the basic building blocks of physical atoms, which unite to form molecules, which unite to form compounds, and which unite to form complex organisms.

The kingdom of heaven like the atom is everywhere. The kingdom of heaven which is the substance and essence of God is in all things. The kingdom of heaven, which is God, are the names of God. The names of God are within all things, above all things,and rule all things visible and invisible. The name of God is God.

Ken Nunoo